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Purchase-To-Pay Workflow

If you’re working with an unwieldy purchase-to-pay workflow combining an assortment of processes, software applications and paper-based documents, our streamlined, digital Purchase-to-Pay solution will improve efficiency, reduce errors and help you track spending. Our integrated system brings together all 6 standalone components of a complete and efficient workflow:

InForm Electronic Purchase Orders

PO’s are created via our bespoke, web-based Inform platform, but are linked directly into your Finance system. Inform helps you monitor spending, optimise supplier activity and lower your carbon footprint.

Purchase Order Workflow

Our system then moves your digital Purchase Orders throughout your Business for Validation and Authorisation. They can also then be emailed directly to your Supplier


Proof of Delivery Scanning

On delivery, your electronic POD’s are reconciled by our system to the appropriate PO number. In the case of part deliveries, the flexible Exception workflow keeps everything properly accounted for.

Purchase Invoice

When your supplier’s invoices arrive, these are scanned with Optical Character Recognition software, so that key invoice data such as Invoice Number, PO Number, Invoice Date, Net, VAT, Gross can be extracted and validated against both your Supplier File & your Open Orders files. Individual Invoice Lines, including quantities, item prices and VAT rates can also be validated against the Open Order file.


Purchase Invoice Workflow

Your scanned invoices then enter the Workflow and progress electronically through the various stages of Authorisation.

Electronic Workflow rules can replicate your existing manual processes, or we can update these to reflect process improvements.

At each stage, invoices can be put ‘on hold’, pending receipt of additional information, reassigned within the stage to another user or authorised on to the next stage.

Export to ERP systems such as Oracle, JDE, Navision, Northgate

Finally, the Purchase-to-Pay system feeds your Authorised Invoice data back into your Finance solution, confirming that the Invoice can be paid.



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