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Archiving Legacy Media and Existing Digital Format Records

If you have records stored on legacy, analogue media like microfilm or aperture cards, or you have digital files that need converting or loading into a document management system, we can help.

Microfilm/Fiche & Aperture Cards

Like many companies, you may have a legacy of documents stored on 16mm or 35mm roll film, microfiche, combined microfilm jackets or aperture cards, gathering dust and consuming valuable storage space.

Even if these film-based archives are still viewable, their condition will be deteriorating with time. On top of this, the production of appropriate readers and printers ceased some years ago, pushing your archive ever closer to obsolescence.

Docs-to-Data has both the facilities and expertise to convert documents held on these legacy storage media to digital images, ensuring their longevity and providing all the benefit of being able to view and search, them on PCs or other digital devices.

Digital File Conversion and Access

If you have documents stored in digital image files like .TIF or .JPG we can convert them for you to a searchable text format such as .PDF. These can then be imported to our EDM document management solution from where their contents will be searchable using Acrobat or other proprietary PDF tools.

If you have archives of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or WAV sound files, we can import these directly into our EDM in their original formats, from where you will be able to view them directly using their native applications.



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