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Purchase Invoice Processing for an Ice Cream Manufacturer

Having operated their invoice processing in house for many years, this Company found that the effort required to capture the data was both costly and time consuming, and it removed staff from their usual, Value Added activities. The decision was taken to outsource the process, allowing staff members to deal with exceptions and bring real value to their daily activities.

As the invoices are time sensitive, a Service Level Agreement was put in place to ensure that all invoices received on the day are processed by close of business that day.

The Process

Invoices are received by Docs to Data in harsent, via dcopy, paper format.
Invoices are scanned into the EDM and key invoice data extracted, as agreed with the Customer.
Invoices are matched to Supplier Codes and PO numbers.
At close of business, the images and index data are sent, via SFTP, to the Customer site, who then loads them into their installation of our EDM and integrates the data with JDE.
This process has proven so successful, they have now rolled this out to their businesses in France, Italy and Finland, with plans to Go Live in 17 other Countries across the World.

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